If you have already managed to buy a wooden toy house, then in order for the child to fully play with him, to put the dolls to sleep, wooden furniture is necessary. The online store presents educational wooden toys and models for assembly of wood, as well as toy pieces of furniture made of wood. Here you can buy wooden furniture for doll houses in Moscow at competitive prices.

Each piece of furniture in the sets presented in our store is made of high-quality wood, with the study of small parts. Chairs, tables, armchairs, sofas, cabinets are not only beautiful, but also functional, have light weight, good stability, and are optimally suited for installation in doll houses, which can also be ordered online.

Using toy wooden furniture, the child in a playful way learns to care for "children-dolls", accuracy, to be attentive. You can buy furniture for a doll house made of wood, as well as developing wooden toys in Moscow in our store 123toys.